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Bopis Life 

Since Undercarriage is a huge expense for track machinery owners, Berco has developed a solution to enable our customers to enhance their efficiency and to make our products more transparent. We are enabling our customers to collect and use data to make more informed decisions. 

Bopis Life, is a cloud based undercarriage measuring solution that allows customers to immediately diagnosis the lifespan of their undercarriage products and performance which helps them to improve maintenance costs and inventories. The system works by using an ultrasonic device to collect undercarriage wear data in the field and then uploading the information to a cloud platform via Berco’s dedicated app. In addition to providing customers’ insights on their products, Berco uses this data to find new technological solutions for improving undercarriage performance on the field.


Digital Assembling System 

Aiming to bring our undercarriage business the data driven mindset of our automotive business, focusing on transparency and better performance, Berco has invested on an innovative digitalized manufacture system. The Digital Assembling System aims to guarantee better performance on the lubricated track chain guarantying better quality and reliability directing less friction on mechanical components and less wear.   

The Digital Assembling System acquires and manages assembly data during the production process and establishes the optimal closing point of the section being assembled (ongoing control). This new system uses a mathematical algorithm developed in collaboration with Ferrara University, in Ferrara, Italy, to guarantee the right press-in point, which ensures the optimal assembly process and avoids excess or a lack of press fit. The new system completely eliminates manual setup of the control system. A standard work recipe with machine work parameters is automatically loaded at the start of production by scanning a barcode with the type of the chain to be assembled.  With the Digital Assembling method Berco has reduced set up time and simultaneously guarantees very high product quality and reliability. The process becomes repeatable by a standard assembly procedure and is not man-dependent.